How to earn $30-50 per day online

How to Earn $30-50 per Day Online !!

free bitcoins daily

 How to earn bitcoins fast? thats a million dollar question :) but you are lucky to be here at golden farm i will reveal to you my 2 secret weapons that I use daily to earn bitcoin fast and easy!


 Fill your wallet with money day in and day out, make money with bird like you have always aimed! Best game ever that gives you money by dedicating 5 minutes a day, with over 1M users, more than 2k users everyday. Autopilot! Over 9 payments methods for withdraw (bitcoin included)! Daily bonus! You can apply this method for days, weeks or months and you'll keep earning money.

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Here is my latest 10 days payments proof from this method ( notice that I cashed out instantly 2-3 times in the single day. Just awesome!! ) :
how to earn bitcoin free
Fig. 1 - My latest payeer payments from this method! you can choose bitcoin as payment processor if you wish.
earn bitcoin free
Fig. 2 - My another latest payments proof from this method, got my money through payeer !
Its totaly advised to get referrals to boost your income potential but for people struggling to get any they can simply use the "referral promotion" section within the site, I tried it and got a very good result like one out of 10 direct referrals gained was very active.


 Best site ever, the star of the paid web. Since 2007, it has been a survey platform. there are a lot of potential winnings. The site underwent a major transformation in July 2017 with the removal of the PTC and the Clixgrid. Users of NBR assign it the status of LEGIT. The minimum earnings per day for a member depends on your activity on the site, but also on your sponsorships. You will find daily offers and surveys to complete, for a variable remuneration. The platform rewards you 20% of the income of your downline it also makes it possible to complete offers (opinion polls, viewing of short videos, etc.) very interesting. You will find various panels, such as Peanutlabs, CINT, Speak Up, Tap Research, Opinion Surveys and many others ... The minimum amount to withdraw is $ 10, and the rules of use indicate that the payment deadline is a few days. From experience, you usually have to wait 4 to 10 days to receive your winnings. Active members can expect to earn $ 5 to $ 10 / day quite easily if you can find enough tasks and surveys. You can choose from Payoneer, Paypal and Skrill. During the waiting period for a payment, money can be added to this pending request.

The site currently has over 7,900,000 members (active and non-active) and has paid more than $ 26,460,300 million to its users. Site edited in English.This website does not accept users from IRAN because of U.S. Sanctions.

Payments reported on NBR 78 857,24 $
Accepted countries All.

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Pro tips:
I advise you to carefully read those tips because thats what will determine your success or failure when applying the methods mentioned above!

- You can get referrals just by promoting you ref link on bitcoin forums like bitcointalk forum, blog commenting, ptc & gpt bitcoin sites etc...

- Finally, take your time and don't rush its not about a get rich quick scheme but it needs some efforts and patience instead.

If done right, this strategy can help you earn free money on autopilot regularly. Enjoy the cash flowing to your pocket !

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earn bitcoin free