How to Buy UniWorld with Bank of America (+11.78%)

How to Buy UniWorld with Bank of America (+11.78%)

 The 2,755th ranked coin on CoinMarketCap, UNW, is currently listed at $0.06154 with a fully diluted market cap of $60,366,515 and a 24-hour trading volume of $201,700. The current total supply of UNW sits at 1,000,000,000 with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000. Launched in 2013, Unilab DAO Network developed the Uniworld coin with members mainly from Japan, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, Poland, Russia and Vietnam. Headquartered and located in Singapore, Uniworld focuses on two primary products that dominate their network and line of business. Continuous development on the platform has developed UNW well-beyond the core of simply being a cryptocurrency that can be traded amongst users. 

Uniworld, in focusing on the two primary product layers at hand, consists of Unichain and Unibot. The application layer introduces many products developed by the core layer, typically Unime – a super application integrating 3 features: high security messaging; payment and crypto storage wallets; Chat bots AI. Continuous developments on the Uniworld platform are yet to come; the company continues to focus on their internal growth and will consequently reap the benefits of said investment in the coming years. 

When looking to purchase UNW with Bank of America, there are a few different steps that need to be taken in a sequential order. As a new buyer, you have likely heard of some popular platforms that allow users to purchase mainstream and larger-named cryptocurrency – like Bitcoin or Ethereum. I would recommend that users sign up for Coinbase. Upon getting onto the platform, the user will then be able to choose a wide array of ways to purchase these larger cryptocurrencies which will then be used at a later time to purchase UNW. 

First, deposit some money to purchase the desired amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum. You will do this by linking the bank account or debit card of your choosing (in this case, your Bank of America account). Upon doing this, the most difficult step of the process is complete! With the mainstream cryptocurrency in your possession, you will then look towards signing up on alternative cryptocurrency platforms that offer a large number of altcoins for sale. For this particular coin, investors have quite a few options to choose: Binance, Kraken, and BitFinex are solid options. For UNW, I would recommend using Binance, given how user-friendly it’s API is. Simply convert the BTC or ETH that you already purchased into your newly desired altcoin, Burstcoin! 

You have now completed the necessary steps and processes to purchase UNW – when you wish to withdraw some money or convert it back to cash, simply do these listed steps in reverse!


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