How to Buy Sharder with Cash

How to Buy Sharder with Cash

 Sharder, also referred to as SS, is a multi-chain storage and validation network with a solution to the centralized storage conflict of data breaches. Sharder creates a distributed storage network which aims to solve the centralized storage lack of safety; data is encrypted, split into small fragments and consequently distributed across the entire Sharder’s storage network. With the Internet largely succumbing to fraud and manipulation, SS looks to directly combat the presence of fraud throughout digital files. Through the utilization of blockchain technology, SS saves the files digital fingerprint and securely stores the data. 

Having noted a relatively high-level evaluation and understanding of Sharder, it is important to recognize the current market positioning and value of the coin as well. SS currently ranks at 1,640th on CoinMarketCap and is trading at a price of $0.001942. With a 24-hour volume of $188,088 and a market cap of $558,084, Sharder has recognized around 10% grown in transactions as compared to prior day statistics. The coin has a circulating supply of 283,282,765 SS and a maximum supply of 500,000,000. Sharder not only provides their own network, it similarly allows for storage applications to be built on top of SS, allowing for a multi-level investment or interest to revolve around the coin and network. 

To purchase SS with cash, you can take a few different steps at first. There are a handful of platforms that allow buyers to purchase a more mainstream cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum with cash – I would recommend looking into Paxful, LocalBitcoins and Coinbase. Upon getting onto these platforms, which I have linked in the previous sentence, the user will then be able to choose a wide array of ways to purchase these larger cryptocurrencies which will then be used at a later time to purchase SS. 

Now that you are on one of the selected platforms of your choice, you should deposit some money or arrange an in-person meetup to purchase the desired amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum. Upon doing this, the most difficult step of the process is complete! With the mainstream cryptocurrency in your possession, you will then look towards signing up on alternative cryptocurrency platforms that offer a large number of altcoins for sale. I would recommend that you sign up on Binance, HotBit or KuCoin, where you will then transfer your Bitcoin or Ethereum to these websites. Again, these platforms are all linked. 

Once you move your higher-ranking cryptocurrencies over to whichever secondary website that you select, you will then select to purchase SS for BTC or ETH (this is dependent on which cryptocurrency you purchased). You have now completed the necessary steps and processes to purchase SS – when you wish to withdraw some money or convert it back to cash, simply do these listed steps in reverse!


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