How to Buy GHOST in 2021

How to Buy GHOST in 2021

 GHOST, a coin that has garnered quite a bit of recognition due to the support and foundation coming from John McAfee, has become quite popular amongst cryptocurrency traders and investors. As a Proof of Stake privacy coin, Ghost looks to provide an experience of complete autonomy and anonymity for online transactions and their members. With the average transaction reflecting in a member’s wallet in under a second, the first confirmation will usually hit within a minute or two. Ghost investors and traders have also found extreme satisfaction with the fees for sending a transaction – with Bitcoin and Ethereum fees significantly increasing in the recent months or weeks, GHOST prides itself in forcing users to pay a fraction of a penny to facilitate transactions. 

Currently sitting at rank #1229 on CoinMarketCap, GHOST has a market price (as of writing this article) of $0.1511, with a 24-hour high of $0.1960. The current circulating supply for the coin is 15,244,086 GHOST, with a maximum supply of 55,000,000. The 24-hour volume for the coin sat a little below the previous day, with a value of $179,103 and a market cap of $2,328,126 which also fell short from prior day performance. Arguably the most important thing to note regarding the supply of GHOST surrounds the fact that every coin in existence is in the circulating supply, demonstrating activity and continued transactions amongst members who purchase or trade the altcoin. 

Individuals looking to purchase GHOST are likely questioning the platforms that currently offer the coin for sale. Unfortunately, unlike purchasing a stock, most platforms will not provide capabilities for their users to directly buy smaller market-cap altcoins – this assertion applies to GHOST as well. In recognizing that, investors should first convert their fiat currency into a prominent cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Upon doing so, you will have much more flexibility in different platforms that you can shift your funds to. The best place to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum, at the current time, would be either Coinbase or CashApp. Both platforms, which I have linked directly in the last sentence, provide user-friendly API and platforms, creating an easy buying experience for their members. 

Once you have the Bitcoin or Ethereum in your position, the second step towards purchasing GHOST comes by transferring those funds to a more cryptocurrency-focused website. In the case of GHOST, users can purchase this coin through a variety of websites – my personal favorites are Binance and HotBit. These two platforms allow for members to buy and sell thousands of different altcoins for the more mainstream digital assets. It is at this time where you will convert your Bitcoin or Ethereum into GHOST. If you ever consider cashing out, you will simply carry out this same process in a reversed mannerism.


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