How to Buy Casino Coin with Cash (+5.10%)

How to Buy Casino Coin with Cash (+5.10%)

 With a ranking of 965 of CoinMarketCap, CasinoCoin has become extremely popular throughout the digital gambling world, particularly during the times of COVID-19 and a lack of accessibility to in-person gambling alternatives. As a digital currency developed specifically for the increase of regulation in the gaming industry, CSC looks to provide users and gaming regulators with improved transaction speeds, security, reduced fees and heightened financial transparency. The overarching usage of this coin intends on offering access to KYC verified players, with the goal of creating revenue and improved visibility for security parties. 

As of writing this article, CSC sits at a value of $0.00008122, with an astounding 24hr trading volume of $73,853. The current coins in circulation is 39,999,536,155 CSC, with a total market cap of $3,310,696 – the coin has garnered quite a bit of growth and traction throughout the gambling world. The blockchain for CSC offers tokens, allowing gaming operators and suppliers the ability to maintain their token economy whilst enjoying the benefits of CSC that were previously mentioned above. Increasing use of this coin provides for higher transparency across all regulators whilst simultaneously allowing for nearly instant deposits and a minimization of fees (less than one penny) for the players. 

When looking to purchase CasinoCoin with cash, there are a few different steps that need to be taken in a sequential order. As a new buyer, you have likely heard of some popular platforms that allow users to purchase mainstream and larger-named cryptocurrency – like Bitcoin or Ethereum. I would recommend that users sign up for Coinbase, LocalBitcoins or Paxful. Once you have successfully signed up for your chosen platform, you can then add a bank account or other type of payment method to your created account. With this linked payment method, you will then purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum for the fiat currency that you are using – these newly purchased cryptocurrencies will be used on alternate platforms to purchase CSC. 

Now that you have narrowed down your selection to a singular platform, you should deposit your desired amount of money or arrange an in-person meetup to purchase the desired amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum on hand. Once you have the Bitcoin or Ethereum in your possession, it should be quite easy for you to follow through with the final steps of attaining CSC. At this current time, CasinoCoin can be purchased on the following platforms: Bitrue, Folgory, and STEX. As you have signed up on one of the three websites, simply transfer your money from the original wallet to the new wallet – this allows for you to then use these coins to purchase CasinoCoin directly. 

You have now completed the necessary steps and processes to purchase CSC – when you wish to withdraw some money or convert it back to cash, simply do these listed steps in reverse!


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