VIDYA: 2020 Year-End Development

VIDYA: 2020 Year-End Development

 With my recent coverage and discussion of VIDYA, I figured it would be best to cover the year-end updates and announcements coming out of Team3D. As the prominence of gaming continues to take off at an astronomical rate, VIDYA development continues and Team3D continues to keep their nose to the grindstone. By the end of 2020, the development team published the following listing regarding their support and status in their initial first-person shooter creation: 

✔ Webserver — Complete
✔ Server Hosting — Complete
✔ Patcher/Launcher — Complete
✔ Prototype Maps — Complete
✔ SFX and Music — Complete
✔ Model/Animations Overhaul — In progress
✔ Beautified User Interface — In progress 

On top of their notion of development, the team similarly provides users with images and gifs of different weapons and items within their upcoming game – they continue to develop their gaming platform whilst bringing in an amass of attention and support for their cryptocurrency token. In addition to their announcement regarding their game development, I found it far more interesting that they discussed the development that they have done surrounding TeamOS. TeamOS is essentially the marketability aspect of VIDYA and their technological advancements – it is the platform with which members can directly purchase VIDYA with Ethereum, providing for them to purchase currency for the upcoming games. Of the 9 different components and aspects of TeamOS, Team3D is in progress in completing the final component, which they label “NFT-based Marketplace”. Beyond that, they managed to close out 2020 with a complete settings menu, load theme, Equip and inventory system based on their token, among an array of other things. 

So, as a reader, you’re likely wondering what this announcement really means for investors and those interested in VIDYA. Well, first and foremost, this demonstrates their continuous commitment and development to the gaming and cryptocurrency world – they continue to follow their White Pages and publicly-spoken goal. On top of that, the level of development that the team has managed to achieve within a one-year span demonstrates the level of dedication and education that the developers have; these men and women know what they want and know how to get it, for lack of a better term. 

With 2021 kicking off with a massive surge of interest in cryptocurrency and gaming alike, it is important that VIDYA position itself in the market early for a conjoining of both. Fortunately, their token and constant development of their platform has garnered them a relatively stable base of followers and supporters who believe in the future of their development. As more news is published and announced from Team3D or about their VIDYA token, I will continue to keep you guys posted!


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