TCORE: Roadmap for 2021 Buyers

TCORE: Roadmap for 2021 Buyers

 With my recent coverage and discussion about how to buy TCORE using CashApp, I figured that it would be equally as important to create a discussion regarding the 2021 roadmap and focal points for the development throughout the year. Upon recognizing the points of focus throughout the 2021 year, it will become recognizable to investors as to whether or not they would like to continue to purchase TCORE and show an interest in the growing token. 

The focal point of the first quarter of the year will largely surround the implementation of technological rollouts and updates. A Contract MultiSig implementation is on the top of the list; although, the developers similarly intend on implementing their marketing strategy to garner increased growth and attention on the coin. Without a production and release of a Whitepaper yet, the first quarter will also consist of the release of the first iteration of their Litepaper, which will eventually evolve into their Whitepaper at a later date. Some additional points of attention are on the FAQ and About section of their website, NFT Auction, NFT Airdrop, governance integration and the exploration of crosschain integration. 

The second quarter of 2021 appears to be a further development on the things mentioned in Q1. With the release of their Whitepaper coming in Q2, it is likely that there will be exponential interest in investment in the coin; plus, the developers note that they will simultaneously be focusing on the $TCORE Staking Pool and the integration of partnership pools at a later date. In hopes of establishing a cross-chain integration workshop, the brains behind TCORE have also noted their intentions of developing “Project X” and “UI/UX improvements” during the second quarter of the year. 

The third quarter developments for TCORE appear to be more heavily focused on administrative and feedback development tools, in hopes of understanding where they could potentially improve their platform and token. The objectives for this quarter are listed below: Administrator feedback feature Backend updates and developer tools Project X development Platform expansion and partnerships Cross-Chain improvements 

Unfortunately for prospective investors, the current roadmap does not have any content nor information displayed for their intentions of development and focus during the fourth quarter of 2021; however, it is likely that their decision-making is dependent on the feedback garnered from the earlier three quarters, as this will drive their focus.


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