How to Buy VIDYA in 2021

How to Buy VIDYA in 2021

 As the world of gaming and cryptocurrency both simultaneously develop, it is no secret that the technology behind these developments drive the continuous growth. Having noted that recognition, investors interested in both crypto and gaming have likely heard of VIDYA – a coin developed and launched by Team3D. The concept behind this digital asset looks to combine the prominence of gaming and crypto by creating multiple different games which all run on the same blockchain technology, allowing for inter-game transactions and purchases to happen. With VIDYA being a medium of exchange and escrow system on these games, the developers have formulated a fool-proof methodology that provides players with the capabilities to transact varying values, worth real money, with the assurance of a safe transaction for both parties. 

More importantly, though, VIDYA does not just serve as an in-game token than provides for interactions on various different games to occur. On top of that, the developers looked towards funding for future games – thirty percent of the VIDYA created will be stored in a secure wallet which will be used as seed capital for new developers to put towards creating additional games. The funding for additional games provides these developers with the security to understand that their future developments will likely have a baseline of funding that can be used to further enhance the overarching technology supporting VIDYA. The developers and founders of Team3D have managed to conjoin the interest for gaming and crypto, particularly during a time where social efforts have largely created exponential growth for both categories. 

Individuals looking to purchase VIDYA are likely questioning the platforms that currently offer the coin for sale. Unfortunately, unlike purchasing a stock, most platforms will not provide capabilities for their users to directly buy smaller market-cap altcoins – this assertion applies to VIDYA as well. In recognizing that, investors should first convert their fiat currency into a prominent cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Upon doing so, you will have much more flexibility in different platforms that you can shift your funds to. The best place to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum, at the current time, would be either Coinbase or CashApp. Both platforms provide user-friendly API and platforms, creating an easy buying experience for their members. 

Once you have the Bitcoin or Ethereum in your position, the second step towards purchasing VIDYA comes by transferring those funds to a more cryptocurrency-focused website. In the case of VIDYA, users can purchase this coin through a variety of websites – my personal favorites are Binance and HotBit. These two platforms will allow for members to buy and sell thousands of different altcoins for the more mainstream digital assets. It is at this time where you will convert your Bitcoin or Ethereum into VIDYA. If you ever consider cashing out, you will simply carry out this same process in a reversed mannerism. 

As both gaming and cryptocurrency have recently garnered a significant amount of attention throughout the younger generation, VIDYA positions itself exceptionally well for future developments and fiscal growth. The time to buy is now


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