How to Buy Proton Chain (XPR) in 2021

How to buy proton chain

 As an avid investor in cryptocurrency and technological advancements, discussions often revolve around the top 10-50 coins on popular websites like coinmarketcap. Proton Chain, a coin that tends to go under the radar with regards to the discussion of purchasing and overarching growth, has landed in the forefront of my research and evaluation. Proton (XPR) currently ranks at 581st on coinmarketcap, with a price of $0.004420 and a current market cap of $10,591,008. 

For your benefit, I suggest purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum through Coinbase or another exchange website. Upon doing this, transfer these coins to the Binance or Kucoin wallet, where you will then buy, sell, or trade altcoins as you wish.

As cryptocurrency comes to the forefront of discussion and mainstream media coverage, as of late, people tend to correlate some common trends or variables with all coins. At the moment, Bitcoin and Ethereum both require lengthy strings of letters and numbers as a unique wallet address; unfortunately, this concept is not quite user friendly and could pose problems in the future with simple typos and the unintentional sending of money to the wrong user. Fortunately, Proton has taken a stab at implementing that same blockchain technology in a more user-friendly API. Members of Proton, businesses and individuals alike, identify themselves via an @, similar to social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram. Rather than sending to a random string of letters and numbers, members can find solace in sending directly to the @ that they know. 

In similar developments, it has become recognizable that fees for Bitcoin and Ethereum payments have continued to increase, forcing users to pay higher sums to push their transaction through. Proton again combats this conflict by providing transactions completely free – members need not worry about throttled transaction times or “paying gas”. With over 40,000,000 transactions per day, their platform handles significantly higher traffic than the blockchain applications currently servicing the market. In terms of investing into the “future”, Proton Chain has differentiated itself from other cryptocurrencies in a recognizable but understandable mannerism. That is, with the mainstream attention and media coverage, cryptocurrency continues to garner the attention of laymen looking to make some side investments and quick money; however, they tend to have little understanding of the technological aspects and factors of the platforms or coins that they purchase. Fortunately, Proton prides itself in maintaining a user-friendly platform which enables easy and fluid transactions at no price at all.

With the recognition of the platform and Proton itself, a similar evaluation should surround the topic of the developers and staff backing this altcoin. The multiple founders and executives of the company maintain lengthy backgrounds in development, cryptocurrency and investment alternatives. Marshall Hayner, Co-Founder and CEO, founded multiple blockchain companies, acquired and assisted in the creation of Fred Krueger, Co-Founder and President, founded EOS Lynx, the leading wallet for EOS. These two men are only the start of understanding the background of staff and support developing Proton – the platform provides their White Pages and timeline planning all on their designated website. Given the ease-of-access, user-friendly design and the possible incorporation of a variety of different coins within the Proton Chain platform, this coin is, without question, a buy. 


I am a computer engineer more interested on blockchain technology and bitcoin.

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