How to Buy Primas in 2021

How to buy primas in 2021

 Contrary to the tactics that most investors take when looking for a potential asset or cryptocurrency to purchase, I tend to look towards the “shadows” of the internet, so to speak. Essentially, I look more towards purchasing and investing in penny-stocks or altcoins, rather than sinking large sums of money for relatively minimal returns. In this case, I recently stumbled upon an altcoin cryptocurrency named “Primas”. Primas (PST), with a market cap of $742,042 and a 24h volume circulation of around $5,000,000, has garnered my attention for a few reasons. This coin, which will later be discussed in depth, poses potential for a serious investment. 

Prior to discussing the Primas Team and the coin itself, it is imperative that you understand how to buy Primas. First and foremost, I’d advise that investors purchase a mainstream coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum. In doing so, investors and buyers maintain purchasing-power as you can simply move these coins over to different platforms like Binance or Coinbase. Once on your platform of choosing, you will then buy, sell, or trade the altcoins that you were looking for (in this case, Primas), check this tutorial on how to buy and sell with Binance

Contrary to most cryptocurrency companies and altcoin creations to date, Primas looks more towards the overarching aspect of the internet and the impact that needs to be made on it. Primas, created by a leading copyright service platform based on blockchain, commits blockchain technology to the technology industry, with a particular focus on “content” and media developments. Throughout the globe, a question of credibility in media and general media content has become quite prominent – Primas recognizes this conflict and combats it by adding a layer of protection referred to as DTCP. DTCP, put simply, assigns metadata like the authors name, publishing time and content fingerprint. In doing so, Primas will understand the validity and the origin of said validity for all media postings; thus, eliminating the conflict of content credibility.  

In a similar manner, Primas Team focuses heavily on the unfortunate reality of piracy for digital content and the fact that such content is exceptionally easy to copy; thus, it is difficult to protect the integrity of these pieces of media. In an attempt to combat this continuous conflict throughout the internet, Primas has created DNA which ensures that the origin of this content can be traced despite the tampering that inevitably occurs. Smart contracts, for example, can achieve automatic authorization without the necessity for human intervention – this creates a relatively autonomous and speedy process of completion. 

Throughout the world of cryptocurrency, investors are likely used to the concept of investment alternatives and the possibility for these altcoins to be the new cryptocurrency of the future. Contrary to that sentiment, though, Primas Team focalizes heavily on the technological advancements and protections that they intend on addressing and combatting throughout the internet. Put simply, Primas Team is an investment for the future.


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