How to Buy MCT in 2021

How to Buy MCT in 2021

 MasterContractToken, launched in May 8th, 2018, services the NEO Smart Economy as a NEP-5 utility token contributing to the economy. Put simply, the team behind MCT hypothesizes that dApp development on NEO is imperative for the continuous growth and expansion of the cryptocurrency. The increase of dApp can only occur by the removal of a handful of obstacles that developers currently face. MasterContractToken differentiates itself from the competition primarily through the fact that the developers intend on it being a utility token for multiple dApps, rather than only being viable for a specific dApp. 

Arguably the most notable aspect of MCT hinges on the reality that the token looks to continue development on the NEO platform rather than the Ethereum platform. Quite frankly, Ethereum largely outweighs and outperforms NEO – ETH has long been covered and purchased at a significantly higher rate than its counterpart, NEO. Interestingly enough, assuming that MCT garners some success and reputability for their capabilities of fulfilling multiple dApps rather than one specific dApp. The largest selling points of MCT revolves around the fact that cost of deploying smart-contracts on NEO becomes significantly cheaper, resulting in more developers switching over to NEO rather than continuously working on the ETH platform. 

While the discussion surrounding the coin could continue further, this article intends on focusing more heavily on how to purchase the coin, rather than why to purchase it. It is in the best interest of investors to use their normal fiat currency or money to purchase a more mainstream cryptocurrency that can be transferred over to an array of different cryptocurrency platforms. Coinbase, being the most user-friendly, allows their members to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum directly with a linked bank account or debit card. It is extremely simple to purchase these digital assets through Coinbase – this would be the first step in investing. 

Having purchased either Bitcoin or Ethereum, purchasers should then begin considering where they would be able to purchase MCT. That is, we need to understand where we can potentially purchase MCT on a different cryptocurrency website. In the case of MasterContractToken, buyers will recognize that Binance and HotBit seem to be the two most viable websites. Both of these platforms will allow for members to convert their Bitcoin or Ethereum into whichever altcoin they desire to purchase. In the case of this article, the buyer will convert their moved Bitcoin or Ethereum into MCT. 

With technological developments continuing to unfold throughout the world, cryptocurrency and different smart-contracts have largely garnered attention for their next-generation tech. MCT, in their launch, directly targets current flaws and problems within the world of crypto – assuming the coin garners a decent amount of support, NEO will potentially recognize an amass of growth and profitability comparable to ETH.


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