How to Buy Keep4r in 2021

how to buy keep4r in 2021

 With the Internet continuing to develop and technological advancements being a constant, the topic of cryptocurrency and digital assets have largely come to the forefront of media discussion. Given the continuous growth, I often look around for up-and-coming coins that could be viable mediums of investment – I tend to throw some side cash into these altcoins if I have faith in their progression and development. Recently, I stumbled upon a coin known as Keep4r. Keep4r, being a development and more advanced iteration of Keep3rV1, allows users to bond and reward jobs directly with ETH and DAI. The creation of this platform intends on rewarding holders with a share of all network fees incurred; the platform and coin will be further discussed in later passages. 

With a ranking of 1,324 on coinmarketcap, KP4R currently sits at a circulating supply of 73.831% of their maximum possible capacity. With 73,381 KP4R of 100,000 in circulation, the coin maintains a value of $11.11 with a market cap of $819,941. In the past 24h, the volume traded sits at $116,242. Rather than focus on being a largely traded digital asset for investment opportunity and fiscal growth of users, Keep4r focalizes heavily on the concept of decentralized finance. The platform allows users to register contracts as jobs for keepers, whom register themselves as being available to perform a job. Additionally, the platform leaves it up to each individual keeper to create their own transaction rules and pursue transactions which they deem profitable. 

When considering what coins to purchase, I largely look at the future of the coin and whether or not I can see it being a reliable and usable product. In the case of Keep4r, I have no doubt in my mind as to whether or not the coin will be a solid investment – it is essentially a medium of exchange that other, larger cryptocurrencies rely on to facilitate jobs and transactions. 

Many of you whom are now convinced on the investment prowess of the coin likely have a secondary question now: how do I buy KP4R? Well, in 2021, the most reliable and fool-proof way of purchasing this coin would first require the buyer to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum. Upon having one of these more mainstream coins, which can be purchased from a variety of exchange platforms, users will then convert those coins onto a secondary exchange site like Binance or Kucoin. On these websites, given that you have transitioned your ETH and BTC over, members can purchase a variety of altcoins quickly and easily – in this case, this would be where the investor purchases KP4R.


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