Crypto Arbitrage

[HQ Method] How To Make over $2000 Per Month!

Today is the day when you start making money online!

Don’t believe me?

Just keep on reading and you will be amazed on how simple it is to make easy $$$.

What should you expect from this method?

You should expect 200-800$ per day by just spending 3-6 hours of your time!

So I will get right to the point:

How will you make $$$?

You will do crypto-arbitrage using 1 free tool.

What does crypto-arbitrage mean?

You will buy a coin on exchange A at a lower price and sell it for a higher price on exchange B that will bring you profit!

Simple no?

It gets easier then this because you will use a free app that will show you how much profit can you make per transfer and what exchanges should you use(no need to spend hours of searching for arbitrage opportunities yourself)

You can find good opportunities any minute of the day that will bring you a profit of 5-30% per transfer!

Lets start with the method:

The first thing you should do is to sign up with the best crypto exchanges in the world(see the app bellow)


You will receive a 10% kickback commission if you sign up with the link above.

When it comes to crypto exchange site’s Binance is the KING.

With a daily volume of 36 billion $$$ its the biggest and safest exchange in the world!

If you don’t have an account yet or you don’t have an account with a 10% kickback commission sign up with the link above.


You will receive 30$ worth of btc on your first 100$ deposit if you use the link above!


I use this exchange daily,fast support,security is nr 1 for them.

After you sign up with the exchanges above we can start!

Take a look here:

The name of this app is coingapp.

You can download it for free from the app store or google store!

Now let beggin!

So I have 0.0664 BTC on Kucoin:

Take a look at the screenshot of the app above and we are going to pick the one that will bring you the most profit!

For this example: AKRO/BTC

I will buy 151000 AKRO with my 0.066466 BTC!

I will wait for the order to fill up and then transfer my AKRO to Binance to sell them

Wait 10-20 minutes to make the transfer and then sell your AKRO.

Now lets see how much I will make:

151000x0.00000050 (price on Binance) = 0.0755

Now lets calculate the profit!

I have made 0.0755 BTC- 0.066466(how much I spent)= 0.009034 (154$) in less then 14 minutes!

You can start with as low as 200$ and still make 20-50$ profit per transaction!

Important things you should know!

Always use the 3 exchange sites above!

Always make sure that the wallet is not disabeled.

Always make sure that the coin you are buying or selling has volume!

Make as many transfers per day as you like!

Always check your deposit address twice before sending your coins!


I am a computer engineer more interested on blockchain technology and bitcoin.

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