Earn Bitcoin Playing Games

A real gem to earn bitcoin/payeer money

 This is an easy method to generate money, literally. You have to do nothing more than few clicks daily/weekly or even monthly.
Sounds good to be true, and it is. The only negative part is that you'd need to invest to get real results. More invest -> More passive earnings.

Also, this is scalable, firstly you'll get all your money back, then in 2-3 months you'll be doing 2x your invest/month without moving a finger. And multiply it by 10x in less than a year, that’s
why this is an incredible way to make money

Let's go ahead and explain "the method"

1. Go to this link and register an account
It's a simulator game where you buy birds with silver coins(purchasable or made by current birds) and those can be withdrawable for real money.

Basics of website:
I recommend a minimum investment of $100-200 or this will take lifetime to give you real money.
Withdraws can be done via CC/PP and several other methods. But most used is Payeer because minimum payment on other ones are so high.
You'll be able to withdraw from the website as minimum as $0.04.
Minimum BTC payoff is ~$152
Minimum PP payoff is $79.6

My current birds are generating:
$7.42 daily to buy more birds and escalate my earnings and $3.18 for withdrawal
(That's $222.6 + $95.4 monthly).
All of this comes with an investment of $240 (In less than 2 weeks my invest
converted to $318 earnings/month and going up). In a month I'll be generating $200
for withdrawal doing nothing else than collecting and selling eggs. In a few months I'll be generating $1k monthly.

Screenshot below show you my last withdrawals to see this is liable

● New users have 20% discount in purchasing birds section for 24 hours. Take
it or you'll be disappointed later.
● Do not get the last special bird, the king one is the most profitable.
● If you can't afford a higher bird, wait until you do. It's more profitable long term
to get the most expensive ones because they're cheaper price/silver
● If you're going to invest high quantity of money on this do it in several $200
payments because they offer birds free bonus for exact deposits as $10, 25,
100, 200.
● They always give 100% more of your deposit, if you deposit $100,you'll get
$200 silver coins
● 1 USD = 6578 Silver Coins
● Avoid depositing through Crypto, they charge more than actual crypto price
● Reinvest what you earn to double scale your earnings(because deposits give
100% as free)