A legit Bitcoin telegram bot

A legit Bitcoin telegram bot

 This is a very good fully automatic bitcoin bot on telegram that will help you earn bitcoin easily, you just need a good understanding on how the bot works in rewarding you, i will explain this step by step and don't listen to people saying that its a scam .. i have earned a lot of money from it & i am going to teach you the strategy i used so that you will be successful too :)

 The bot is easy to set up, and each day you get free diamonds and over time the diamonds compound so the longer that you use the bot the faster you earn free money. 

Getting Started:

Head to: https://telegram.org/ and download the app for your desktop or phone, once downloaded, visit: http://t.me/robot_automatic_vs_bot?start=872507774

And click "Send Message" Send a mesage to the bot, then press menu. After that, click contract and start contracting robots to scrape energy for you daily. 
 Click the robots tab to cash out your energy, and then click the shop tab to trade your energy for diamonds. 

How the telegram bot rewards you?

Please read this carefully and if you don't understand this then you will fail guaranteed.

 Payment points calculate the withdrawal sum.
1000 Point = 0.001 BTC. For withdrawal 0.001 BTC you need 1000 Point on your account.

 Point are credited by : Replenishment. You obtain +45% of the replenishment sum. Referral replenishment, you get 30% the bonus.
Replenishment of the account by any player 10% , the replenishment sum is divided between all the players who were active during 24 hours.

 Frequent questions and answers : 

A : If the Point end, can’t I order payoff? B : Point are credited even if you have no referrals: by every replenishment of the account, by any player 10% of the replenishment sum is divided between all the players who were active during 24 hours.

 A : Active referral . Who is it ? B : Active referral is a user who has replenished the account or who has replenished referrals. Most players feel no need in Point after inviting 10 active referrals.

How to promote your affiliate link?

Promote for free on all making money related forums, bitcointalk forum ...etc
If you need paid advertising (you don't have too) then advertise on all bitcoin ptc sites.

 To summarize this: in order to earn payment points you have to promote your affiliate links to bring people that will deposit and you earn a commission or stay active by depositing the minimum amount each day so you will be considered active by the robot that way you will earn a share of 10% for each player on the system that replenish his account on that day. Good luck guys .. i love sharing good stuff with my subscribers :)